Monday, December 5, 2016

Graham, Durbin Conspire To Extend Obama Illegal Amnesty Legislatively


 who Lindsey Graham is working for 
If you are looking for answers about how South Carolina has become a target for refugee resettlement where the Governor (Nikki Haley) and even Rep. Trey Gowdy*** are obviously reluctant to stand up and question the choice of the state as fresh territory for third world resettlement (colonization!), look no further than the senior senator of the Palmetto State.

Do Haley and Gowdy jump when Lindsey says jump?

Graham, Durbin Conspire To Extend Obama Illegal Alien Amnesty Legislatively

 We could ask rhetorically who Lindsey Graham is working for but it’s obvious and no longer a secret. His masters are the establishment, corporate, globalists who prey upon and hate America, want to take our jobs and our country and give them to undeserving foreigners. We’re then forced to support them as dependents, subsidizing their existence because it’s good for the elites’ bottom line. Graham’s a political male prostitute, well mostly male, generally believed to be at least partly male.

Graham has joined with his fellow gang of eight Senator, Dick Durbin of IL, who, unlike him admits to being a Democrat. They’re preparing a bill to take the power to undo Obama’s illegal alien amnesty out of the hands of President-elect Trump and implement it by legislation. Of course we knew Graham is a snake, but we didn’t expect him to strike so quickly. George Soros just completed his post-election planning to stifle Mr. Trump in his effort to restore America.

This must have been high on the “to do” list that came out of his “retreat of anti-Americanism.” It’s not going to pass, it’s designed in this incarnation to send a message, to make Trump look heartless as he returns to what should have been the rule of existing law. It’s the norm that should have been in place all along, which will now be labeled extreme and establish the pro-amnesty position as an item for discussion.
They’re expecting help from another open borders RINO, Arizona Senator, Jeff Flake. Who knows, he might try to make a deal for support for Senator Sessions as Attorney General as being contingent upon amnesty or components of it. It’s unlikely either Sessions or Trump would sell their soul to the devil, particularly so early and for such a low, low price.
On the Senate floor, Senator Durbin said, “Sen. Graham and I discussed it again this morning and we hope to even have this bill ready before we leave next week, a bipartisan effort to say to the new president, ‘give these young people a fighting chance.’” It would be a bi-partisan effort to say to Mr. Trump’s supporters “screw-off, we were lying to you,” something that isn’t going to happen.
Graham said, “You can’t blame these kids for coming here, you can’t blame these kids for coming out of the shadows. They’re out of the shadows and now we know who they are. If we cancel the executive order, what happens to them? We deport them all?” If you insist, Lindsey, and congratulations on the first good idea you’ve had as a Senator.
Fellow RINO and also one of the “gang of eight pieces of something stuck to my shoe,” Senator Jeff Flake said, “I’m having a discussion with Graham. My preference is to work with the administration on something here. Obviously, it’s going to involve legislation.” Flake acknowledged that Obama acted illegally, in violation of the Constitution, but completely ignored any consequences for him personally, adding, “I do want to protect kids that were brought here.”
So they’re not citizens, but because they were brought here by their criminal parents they should be given that status? And as part of the same double standard there will be no punishment for either them, their parents, or for the criminal currently occupying the White House. What kind of brain substitute are you politicians using?
Another RINO joined the cadre, Sen. Susan Collins (R-ME), saying, “I am sympathetic to people who are brought here when they were very young and often have known no other country. That doesn’t mean that we don’t need to tighten our immigration laws, but the Dreamers are in a different category.”
Fellow gang of eight member Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) is pitching the idea as part of a revived “comprehensive immigration reform.” He said, “We’ve got to do comprehensive immigration reform of which the Dreamers would be a part. We need not to just address Dreamers, we need to address comprehensive immigration reform. It would need to be part of it.”
He’s still amnesty John, and he’s around for six more years. Flake, on the other hand, is up for reelection in 2018. A primary challenger has already announced, Dr. Kelli Ward, fresh off of her attempt to unseat McCain. Obviously neither McCain, Graham nor Flake learned anything with the Trump victory. Sometimes you have to hit the mule over the head with a two by four to get its attention. Start swinging, Dr. Ward.

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