Tuesday, December 20, 2016

FYI :Liberals,Trump wins Electoral College

Michael Hutton

I am hearing Liberals complaining that the Electoral College is wrong and not Democratic. This is pure ignorance and a reflection of what is wrong in America. The Electoral College is not a 'rigged system'. It is how a Republic of Sovereign States does elections for the sake of providing fairness to all the participating States. And it is vitally important the people understand both the significance and reason for the EC as well as for the Republic because those are things that keep us FREE!

And the reason why Trump won has more to do with a general sense in the electorate that the oligarchs in the political class are driving America to be a socialist state no matter which side of the aisle they hail. I have a question for every American. Do you KNOW the Constitution? 

We're supposed to be a 'government by the People' right? But.. if I ask you what the 7th Amendment is... can you tell me? If I ask you what the significance of Article 1 Section 8 is to the contemporary American political paradigm and the corruption that exists at the Federal level can you respond intelligently? Because if you can't... how are you standing in authority to criticize ANYTHING that is going on in our government?

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