Friday, November 18, 2016

Obama’s Long, International Goodbye....

Rejected at home, president goes on global speaking circuit to brag on his legacy

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President Obama’s domestic legacy stands in ruins after Donald Trump’s stunning victory in the presidential election — but now the president is on a world tour doing his best to ensure the rest of the world remembers him more fondly than the people over whom he governed.
The “majority of Americans think I’ve done a pretty good job,” Obama told reporters in Germany on Thursday during a joint appearance with German Chancellor Angela Merkel.
The “majority of Americans think I’ve done a pretty good job,” Obama told reporters.
But while Obama may currently enjoy an approval rating over 50 percent, American voters in many states rejected his handpicked successor who was running on the promise of an effective third Obama term.
Of course, his average approval rating is 48 percent, according to Gallup — which suggests that on average a majority of Americans do not think he’s done a “pretty good job.”
It is becoming increasingly clear that this final foreign jaunt of Obama’s is little more than a long goodbye to his foreign fans, a legacy lap designed to salvage whatever he can of the memory of that inspiring Candidate Obama, who promised the people of Berlin a new, better world in 2008.
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