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Newly Released Documents Has Obama In Complete PANIC MODE… This Is TREASON

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Despite being a lame duck president who just received the largest rebuke in American history, Barack Obama is hell-bent on forcing his agenda down our throats.

It’s no secret that 44 has been a major advocate for open borders and even welcomed illegals into the country by accommodating them along the southern border and pushing for blanket amnesty through executive fiat, but his latest move is going entirely too far. In a massive F U to both President-elect Trump and the American people, he’s forcing Border Patrol agents to do the unthinkable in his last two months in office.

He’s literally opening the border along a popular smuggling route, ostensibly to allow a flood of illegals in prior to the new administration taking over in an act of sabotage similar to Bill Clinton ignoring warnings about 9/11.

As America’s Freedom Fighters reported last week, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security quietly shut down Operation Phalanx, an aerial surveillance program that intercepts drugs and illegal crossings along the Mexican border.

The program was created by President Obama in 2010 to provide National Guard resources to monitor drug smuggling operations and illegal border crossings by immigrants and human

The Obama administration, in its closing days, made the decision to shut down the program. Even though, the program was fully funded for FY (Fiscal Year) 2017 by Congress.

That is correct, our southern border has 0 aerial surveillance which leaves our border agents without eyes in the sky. Not only does that place our border agents lives in even further danger, it means it becomes exponentially easier for illegals and potential terrorists to enter the U.S. at will.

Back in January the DHS scaled back it’s program by 50% at the request of the Obama administration.

So why in the hell did Obama shut down this extremely successful program? We think we know why- BECAUSE THE PROGRAM IS A SUCCESS! We all know that Obama wants as many illegals to cross the border as possible. This is insane.

FrontPageMag is reporting that Obama shut it down because it worked too well…

Think about that. That’s TREASON!

In the Laredo sector alone, the program accounted for more than 10,500 apprehensions and 4,000 “turnbacks” between March 2012 and December 2015. The Operation Phalanx was credited with seizing 12,851 pounds of narcotics, reports.

Robert Gehl at The Federalist Papers has more.

Keep in mind, the funding for the operation had already been allocated by Congress.
Was the program so successful because it worked too well? Proving that there is a massive surge of drugs and illegal aliens crossing our border, despite what the mainstream media is telling you?

Leftists and “progressives” want you to believe our border is safe. There’s no reason for a “wall,” or to crack down on “sanctuary cities” or deport criminal illegal immigrants.
Everything is just fine.
And when a program like Operation Phalanx works as well as it did – well, it flies in the face of their propaganda machine and it must be stopped. President-elect Donald Trump has vowed to appoint more robust leadership at DHS, so Operation Phalanx should be back in business by January.


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