Monday, November 7, 2016

Hillary Busted For What’s Caught In Her Hand While Pandering To Black Crowd

Hillary Busted For What’s Caught In Her Hand While Pandering To Black Crowd

A video is spreading across social media after a few keen eyes picked up on something a little different during a recent Hillary Clinton event. As it turns out, the presidential hopeful was forced to cut her moment of pandering to a black crowd short – and it all stemmed from what people saw in the old bat’s hands.

The incident took place in South Florida as Hillary had stopped to pander to a black crowd, consisting mostly of the working class. Unfortunately for her, she only made it about 3 minutes into her spiel as she abruptly stopped when disaster struck.

As can be heard in the short clip that arose after the event, Hillary Clinton was caught letting off a subtle cough. Clearly trying to hide it at first, it wasn’t long before Hillary had broken down into yet another one of her full-blown coughing fits and that’s when people saw there was something a little more telling in her hand than the bottle of water.

While she was talking, it was quite clear that the presidential candidate was missing something she is often seen carrying around – her cough drops. Seeing how the impromptu speech didn’t allow her to be standing in front of a podium and thus allow for her staff to have the preventative measure ready for her, she was caught, well, empty-handed.

“There’s work to be done. More work than can be done by any one person alone,” she said, as she started to cough. In a pathetic attempt to cover up what was happening, she added, “It kind of chokes me up,” before turning to an aide behind her and coughing. “I care so much about doing this, but I can’t do any of it unless I win. Let’s make it happen!” She could then be seen desperately looking back at one of her aides before guzzling down as much water as she could handle in a desperate attempt to quell the hack attack.

Making matters worse, Hillary just so happened to be talking to and about the people of Haiti. For those unaware, Hillary Clinton stuffed her pockets after the tragic earthquake that killed 200,000 Haitians back in 2010 by leeching off the generous and then funneling money to construction companies that donated large portions of their profits back to the Clinton Foundation. In short, Hillary got rich off of dead people by taking the money of those who wanted to help.

Hillary Busted For What’s Caught In Her Hand While Pandering Black Crowd
Hillary Clinton cuts short a speech on account of a coughing fit and could be seen desperately drinking water in an attempt to hide it.

Hillary Clinton is a vile and purely evil woman, but what takes the cake is that she’s running for a job that she’s not physically able to do. There’s no arguing that this woman is not up for the full 4 years of abuse that a presidential term would throw at her.

She can’t even get through 3 minutes of pandering to a crowd of people she previously ripped off. Furthermore, she can’t make it through a short spiel without someone in her staff holding her hand and having medication at the ready to hide her true physical state from the American people. Anyone voting for this woman, at this point, must suffer from a mental illness of some kind.


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