Sunday, November 13, 2016

Clinton Insider Calls Trump Victory A Giuliani FBI Coup By New Confederate Army

sidney blumentthal

Sydney Blumenthal knows a lot of rich and powerful people, particularly the more corrupt ones. That includes being a close adviser, contact, co-conspirator and who knows what else to Hillary Clinton. Given that faux elite status, he shows a surprising lack of situational awareness. He’s already been called to testify on Benghazi and as one who had unauthorized access to classified federal government emails and information, his days of testimony in various venues are surely just beginning now that Trump is the next president.

He’s almost certainly going to be required to testify in any upcoming Hillary Clinton trial. It’s quite possible that Blumenthal will soon find himself under investigation and in legal jeopardy, with no Hussein Obama to pardon him as a bailout. Is it really wise for him to be accusing the incoming president and the man likely to be his Attorney General or other prominent figure in the administration of engaging in a coup?

Whether it was wise or not, that is exactly what Blumenthal has done. In describing the defeat of Hillary Clinton on Dutch TV Nieuwsuur, Blumenthal said, “It was the result of a cabal of right-wing agents of the FBI in the New York office attached to Rudy Giuliani, who was a member of Trump’s campaign and I think it’s not unfair to call it a coup; a coup d’état.

He went further to describe our current situation in America as being “in a cold civil war. A civil war without violence.” He might want to check out what his girl Hillary’s thugs were doing to the innocent Trump supporters, but he surely knows. Like every other Democrat leader, he’s a crooked liar. He continues, “Lincoln’s election itself in 1860, precipitated the secession of the southern states.”

Blumenthal continues, saying, “Trump represents those forces transmuted over time, that Lincoln fought. And he’s now their leader. So these struggles and conflicts in history don’t really end. They change shape but they continue.” Blumenthal is calling Trump supporters and voters racists. It’s unclear what that makes his black or Latino supporters since Democrats always tell us that only white folks can be racists. Maybe they’re honorary whites or provisional racists. His admission of shape changing does explain why some Democrats have lost many of their natural rodent and reptilian physical features.

If he’s right and there was a coup, God bless them and congratulations on its success to whomever was behind it and for loving the United States enough to take the associated risks. The Democrats were clearly engaged in all kinds of deception and criminality aimed at propping up and perpetuating their failing regimen before hand. We may never know what was going on behind the scenes.

Mr. Trump isn’t in the White House yet and the Democrats are clearly still engaged in dirty tricks. Obama seems to be just too accommodating to the new administration, too determined to see a successful transition of power. It’s almost as if he’s trying to create his own plausible deniability, or false sense of security for use when they spring the trap. We’ll all know soon enough, we’re keeping our eyes open and our guard up.


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