Thursday, October 13, 2016

A Page From The Diary of Bill Sharpe:10/13/16 Two Political Parties In This Country

The truth behind the rhetoric From the diary of A Patriot ,Bill Sharpe

Hello friends,Bill Sharpe Here...

Good morning to my fellow constitutional loving 

Good morning friends ,Fellow patriots and Americans

In the second year of Barack Obama's presidency, I wrote a piece about the future of this nation, and in this article that I wrote I claimed that this election will destroy one of the two political parties in this country, the Democratic Party, also known by the informed as the Communist Party, cannot afford to lose this election, every one of their members, every one of their agents, have been exposed, there agents in the Republican Party,their agents working throughout the government in different departments of the government such as Department of Justice, the IRS, the BLM, the FBI, all of the agents that are working for the communist Democratic Party, have exposed themselves! to the American people who have been paying attention see and understand these things. 

They must win this election or their party will die,it is the same for the Republican Party ,they have exposed their unity for this corruption in Washington, they have exposed their support for any entity corporation or political party, that will fund their special-interest, basically lining their pockets, they have exposed themselves , as the Enemy Of the People of the United States of America and the Constitution of this country ! about six years ago I wrote a post very similar to this one, the only ones who can stop the direction this country is going, is the American people ! 

The only way to begin to win this fight, is to stop the communist Democratic Party first, once we stopped them, we can repair the Republican Party, or we can start a new political party, a Labor Party of the people, for the people, and by the people, and restore constitutional law back to this great nation once again! if we fail to act, we will have failed every American before us, we will have failed, our founding fathers, and our future generations,not only here in America, but the entire world !!!. Donald Trump may not be the best man for the job, but he's the best man for the job today !!! 

 I would recommend that everybody go online and take a free course on the Constitution from Hillsdale college, I would also recommend that everybody should join a local militia group, and a patriot organization.


God Bless America is an American patriotic song written by Irving Berlin in 1918 and revised by him in 1938. The later version was recorded by Kate Smith, Note : I would Like you to take the 5 minutes and listen to the words of this Song and remember the Generation that fought A world war ,so we could be free ,So stand up be side Her and lets take our Country back ,my Patriot Friends ! 


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