Friday, August 5, 2016


Is Paul Ryan good or bad for Wisconsin? Is he bad for America? Does he really stand for Trump?

We see that Trump is being attacked by the media and the Democrats but he is also being attacked by his own party. Here is where we find some key players. The Bush family has been an enemy and so has Romney. Also, we find that there are Senators and House Representatives who are not exactly helping Trump. McConnell, Graham, McCain and Kasich have been fingered by Sean Hannity. 

The recent polls have not looked great for Trump. Is there a reason? Pat Caddell called out the Reuters daily poll to be cooked and they did not tweak their procedure. It was rigged.

It is disturbing to see that among the evil sits FOX News Network. They are playing around with Trump. FOX seems to want to bring up that nasty speech at the Democratic Convention with Khizr M. Khan. That man gave money to the Clinton Foundation and is an immigration lawyer accused of selling US Citizenship.

Where is Paul Ryan in all the mess of people and media? Paul Nehlen, a conservative businessman, seems to be leading Ryan and not only with Republicans but Democrats are behind him as well. Nehlen is becoming the Democrat's favorite Conservative and there is a reason. Ryan is not good for Wisconsin. He is not good for the people of Wisconsin and maybe a businessman is becoming the new 'in thing'.

Sarah Palin's PAC gave $5,000 to Nehlen's campaign along with many small restaurant owners. Remember that Trump has not endorsed Paul Ryan. I'm glad he hasn't. He still has to play the game though. He cannot outright say Ryan is bad. He'd get the Republican party doing a 'Fire Dance' around him. But do we need Ryan who is working for Lobbyists, and Global National Corporations? I'm rooting for Paul Nehlen!

Okay, so now we have a light on the Ryan/Nehlen information to mull over.

Can anyone tell me how the media, Democrats and corrupt Rhino Republicans are getting away with lying to us? The number of people who support Trump is staggering. They can try to hide the crowds as much as possible but pictures do come out. Does anyone not think that people stand in line all day and then, those who don't get in, listen on loud speaker while standing outside to hear the man speak are all not going to vote for him? I believe Trump has many supporters. He will win the election in November. We the People are not stupid!

I will vote for Trump/Pence and pay no attention the media. My gut tells me that America is going to vote the way I will.

Make America Great Again!

 Daveda Gruber

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