Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Muslims in Schools Harassing Girls - One Hope TRUMP

This is be happening in Canada at this time. Canadians can't seem to control what is happening to girls and teachers. 

There are Muslim boys and men that will be put in American schools. These men have not assimilated to our culture. They believe that it is alright to harass girls. How long will it take to stop this hideous fluctuation of people into our cities and schools?


Will the election come quickly enough for America? It is already destroying Canadians. It is time to stop all those who would try and bungle the Convention in Cleveland.                            

We do not need a man who cannot win votes from all parts of society. I am so sick of Cruz supporters. They are still against Trump being the nomination. Where is this man's sense of decency? He took an oath to support the candidate who came up on top. He was made completely aware that the people of the United States wanted Trump. The voters proved that fact by the millions. What does it take to show this man that he has lost? Why can't Cruz support Trump?

Kasich clearly knows he will not be nominated. Why is he still not honoring his pledge, as is Cruz, to not support the presumptive nominee? Are these men playing games with their own country? The people have spoken. It's time for these men to hear us.

There is a movement in America. There is one man who will stop terrorists from entering this country. He will rid us of those who would destroy our culture and our country as we know it. He will stop Islamic boys and men from harassing girls in schools. Do you know his name yet? This man is Donald J. Trump. Have you heard he's not a politician? Trump is with us! He is going to put America first and Make America Great Again. 

Daveda Gruber

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