Thursday, January 7, 2016

U.S. Constitution‏

by Bernard J. Byrne

It looks as though, the eight years of the Obama Administration is sounding the Death Knell for the United States Constitution. Considering the fact, that President Obama was a Professor of Constitutional Law, it would be almost funny, if it were not so tragic, the fact that a supposedly knowledgeable expert on our Constitution, would be the one person who would completely destroy it. We have had Presidents in the past, who have tampered with the Constitution but none who did so openly, and with an almost open contempt to those who would question, his arrogance.

For those of you who remember the resignation of President Richard Nixon, it was not the Watergate break-in or it's cover-up that led to his resignation, but the fact that he was about to be impeached by a "bi-partisan" Congress, for the crime of using the IRS to punish his political enemies. An Independent main stream media was also instrumental in uncovering and reporting the Nixon Administration's dirty tricks.

Todays Congress and mainstream media are completely different than when Nixon was President. Today,  you have a mainstream media that will allow the Obama Administration to run roughshod over our Constitution. In their eyes, he can do no wrong. They refuse to follow up on the President's refusal to investigate the IRS's persecution of his political enemies. His flagrant use of Executive Orders to change the Constitution. His refusal to uphold the rule of law. I believe this President has broken more laws and done more harm to our Constitution than all of the prior forty-three Presidents may have done. He certainly has broken his Oath of Office enough times to have been Impeached, many times over.

The House of Representatives has the sole Power of Impeachment, according to our Constitution. There are 435 members of the House. Yet, there is not even one, who will do their Constitutional duty and bring Articles of Impeachment against this President, who so openly defiles our Laws. They will tell you ,that it would do no good to Impeach President Obama because the Democrats in the Senate would do everything they could to block it.  Yet that is not reason enough, for the members should obey their Oath of Office and fulfill their duties according to the Constitution.

The fact that Activists Judges, seeking to legislate from the bench and trying to mold our Constitution into an unrecognizable document, is also a cancer on the body politic that is lending to the demise of our Country's most cherished document. Isn't it time for Supreme Court Judges to be elected, rather than appointed and to have term limits?

Bernard J. Byrne is a resident of Doylestown Township in Bucks County, PA.

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