Monday, January 18, 2016

The Most Terrifying Words In The English Language...

Hate Government? Sit Down Before You Read This

I consistently state our government is too big and it cannot handle all the responsibilities it continues to take on itself. President Obama has stated we, the American citizens, keep asking the federal government to do more. Even if you believed that, he could Just Say No. After you read this you will understand why.

My friend Steve received a letter from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). It stated that the five-figure amount of money he had overpaid on his 2014 tax return and had asked to be applied to his 2015 return was being confiscated for child support payments in New York. Steve had grown up in New York, but had left there 40 years ago. Any children he had left behind (none were left) would be fully grown. His own children were born and raised in California where he is a resident.

Steve called me in a total and justifiable panic. Though he is also a CPA, he had no idea how he was going to get his money back. But it gets worse from here. As he tried to fight this he had ended up shutting down his business for the better part of a week.

His first call was to the IRS. If you have not called the IRS lately then you do not know it is a totally dysfunctional operation. You can barely get a person on the phone. Where I used to call, I mostly just send a FedEx letter today. The practitioner’s hotline is still in existence, but completely useless as no one answers the line anymore. When Steve got through to the IRS they told him they could not do anything to stop the matter. He had to contact an entity he never knew existed – The Bureau of The Fiscal Service (BFS)

The BFS is an entity you should be aware of because they dispense all the checks for the federal government. It is a department of the U.S. Treasury. In 2012 it was formed by combining the Bureau of the Public Debt and Financial Management Services. They also make payments for state governments on collections of monies for delinquent child support. Steve was provided a number by the IRS for the Bureau and he was able to eventually speak to a person there. The person told Steve that the child support payments were tied to his social security number, but the name was not his. Despite that, the BFS would not stop the payment. The BFS informed him to contact the entity making the request for the money.

Steve then contacted the NY Office of Temporary and Disability Assistance (NY OTDA) that handles these matters. He was told they have no claim under his name or his social security number nor that of his wife or ex-wife. They said he had to contact his local office. Steve was informed there were 62 such offices that he would have to contact to try and stop this fraudulent order to the BFS. NY OTDA told him his only recourse was a civil action in NY against the person receiving his money that they would not identify to him because that was protected information. Steve was now convinced his money was going out the door.

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Comments :

1.) The very first thing that our new President should do is not only resend every Executive Order but to eliminate every new agency that Obama has created. There are several agencies that could be turned over to the states and would do a far better job of managing them.

2.) Nice start we do have to start somewhere doesn't seem the new speaker is on the side of the Constitution or the People of the Republic. There are so many working against the USA it's simply amazing both houses seem to be 90% commie and obama-ites this thing has been in place for a great many years well beyond the clintons, bushes and the obama well imbedded into the political structure only the obama put it in our faces and is laughing all the way to the NWO.

3.) There is only one solution, a Convention of States, the repeal of the 16th Amendment, and the abolition of the IRS.
The Federal Government must be carved down to a manageable and Constitutional size. If you want to see how, open the attachment below.


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