Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Republican Establishment Unleashes “Army of Hecklers” To Disrupt Trump Campaign

The occasional heckler is a somewhat common thorn in the side of most modern-day politicians. It is under this guise GOP operatives are alleged to have unleashed an “army of hecklers” to disrupt future Donald Trump campaign rallies in an effort to make the hecklers the top story instead of the candidate himself.

Earlier today, in what apparently will be just the first of many similar to come interruptions took place at a Trump rally in New Hampshire where the current GOP frontrunner enjoys a commanding lead over his Republican rivals.

The heckler is heard screaming out, “This is boring! Tell some jokes!”

A clearly annoyed Trump then instructs security to, “…get him out of here” as the audience cheers.

As the man is lead out by security he begins to yell, “But I love The Donald!”

A D.C. Whispers source indicated hecklers at Trump’s campaign stops in the coming days and weeks will reach a “critical mass” which will make the events increasingly difficult for the campaign to manage. Media contacts are said to have already been given a collective “heads-up” regarding the coordinated heckling in order to ensure the chaos the hecklers create drowns out the message of the candidate himself and thus diminishes the entirety of the campaign to the sideshow spectacle most of Mr. Trump’s detractors already claim it to be.

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