Tuesday, January 5, 2016


There is religion of God.  There is also religion of Satan.  It is a spiritual battle, a constant spiritual battle.

Satan and his taken often disguise their works as a "religion of good." You MUST USE DISCERNMENT in knowing which is which.  You must take your heart and mind into God's Holy Scripture and Word to have the foundations to compare, the warnings of God to be used in examination, to be filled with the discernment of the Holy Spirit, and the full armor of God to resist, rebuke and reject the false leaders under the "tent of religion."  AND.... if you are given spiritual insight into falsehoods, TO WARN YOUR FELLOW CITIZEN OF THE WORLD of the deception being inserted into their souls.... especially in the church of God.  We are told "a little yeast can infect the whole loaf."  Those claiming themselves of God are TOLD, COMMANDED to keep the church pure in His Word and obey His decrees, NOT TO COMPROMISE WITH THE WAYS OF SINFUL MEN AND WOMEN in the world.

Today, too many are calling what God says is bad, "good," and attacking their fellow parishioners who do not compromise with their changed viewpoint.  They call them the "intolerant Christians." Many with these voices of division stand in the pulpit with collars around their necks and religious titles from seminaries hung in their offices.  Oh CHURCH. Reject those changers or receive the destruction that comes from choosing that false path. Satan makes it appear as "light," and God warns you of the "false lights" among you. Never forget it was the religious leaders of Jesus' day who "worked" to have him crucified and removed.  They did not want the "competition" that would challenge their fame and leadership and popularity. THEY WERE NOT OF GOD BUT OF SELF. They choose the leadings of Satan to elevate themselves over God.  

Take great care not to confuse the who's and what's of that labeled "religion."  Satan uses many groups to destroy the church of God or infiltrate lands with his changers.  His methods of deception, charming voice, twisted truths, and cunning lies have not changed since the Garden of Eden.  He STILL seeks to devour and destroy.  BEWARE THOSE HE USES AND HAS TAKEN WHO CLAIM THEIR "RELIGION" IS GOOD WHEN THEIR FRUITS EXPOSE THEIR TRUE HEARTS.  The first REBEL of God continues his recruitment and enslavement of many more rebels to work against the Kingdom of God.

The smile, the words that charm the "itching ears," the bits of Scripture wrapped around false teaching, the arrows of intolerance when you don't bow to what they say is NOW good, those who claim your happiness is paramount and "anything goes".... that "god" would want you to be happy.  IT IS A LIE. SATAN IS A LIAR. Those that follow Satan and work for destruction use any method or any one to advance the destruction of your soul now and for eternity.

Those "going their own way" and calling it good think they know best.  THEY ARE LIVING RIGHT WHERE SATAN WANTS THEM TO BE.... putting self above the love and divine care of their Heavenly Father.  They compromise more and more each day down that path of the false light. As they support those false leaders and liars, they give them more and more power to devour many others.  And worse, give aid to Satan to take them deeper and deeper into the darkness of no love, no conscience, no reason, no logic, no SELF, no eternity in heaven.... just more and more enslaved by the the spirit of darkness and the "religion" of evil.


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