Friday, January 8, 2016

POETICALLY SPEAKING CONSERVATIVELY: The criminals in this country are ecstatic.


 The criminals in this country are ecstatic.

 They're in a state of joy when all is said and done Barack will make it more difficult for good law abiding citizens to purchase a gun Another Executive Order will be signed by our detested TYRANT. 

Any time he signs one it should cause us alarm This one is sheer insanity. Does anyone in his right mind believe that this will make any real significance? The bad guys will have access to guns and cause the rest of us harm Of course you can never convince Obama he's wrong. 

How can one penetrate the mind of this narcissist?? He head is as thick as lead More of gun control is not needed. Hey, here's a suggestion. How about addressing mental health issues instead?? Meanwhile the gun purchases across this nation have set an all time record. Not surprising to see it soar. 

Surely this gets Obama angry and frustrated Fellow patriots, how much longer will we have to wait till this DESPOT signs an Executive Order to have all guns confiscated??

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