Friday, January 8, 2016

POETICALLY SPEAKING CONSERVATIVELY : The DON is brimming with confidence as the polls still show him as the man to beat


 The DON is brimming with confidence as the polls still show him as the man to beat 

He's been excoriated by the pundits and the Establishment but so far he's managed to take the heat While his opponents cater to the donor class Trump remains unencumbered It is so easy to be this way when you are so self funded That is the appeal of the DON.

 He is beholden to no one. The special interests cannot influence him Many in the GOP who think that he will take down the Party, particularly that lowlife, Senator Lindsey Graham The DON has great appeal. He draws people to him as no one else can His enemies we all certainly loathe, the latest being that cretinous scum, Louis Farrakhan No one can handle the mainstream like Donald Trump. He has them eating out of his hand The 'Beltway Boys' just don't get it. Let's face it. 

They will never understand You have some Establishment figures saying if Trump is the nominee they'd vote for Hillary Are they kidding me? He, you blithering idiots, Each of you should think very seriously of getting a lobotomy What is it about the DON that gets them unhinged? He's run a successful business but is caricatured as a clown The only thing that Obama is extremely good at is running this country down.

 So worried are these Trump haters that if he's elected we'll be under a demagogue 's rule. Hey, please, stop yanking my chain For over seven years running Barack's been a damn DESPOT and not once did I hear you complain!!

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