Tuesday, January 19, 2016



"The Primaries Grind On"

 The mutual admiration society appears to be over. The DON and Ted are at each other's throats This is all strictly business, not personal. It's all about getting Iowan votes The media plays this up, hoping each will pretty much destroy the other The Establishment would love to see Jeb save the day.

 A BUSH!! There's no way America could stomach another In this wacky world of politics anything can happen. This election cycle has proved it could very well be so For the elites if not Jeb, then who?? They'll be an all out push for Marco Rubio He is obsessed with wanting to be President. Only Hillary wants it more. She tried in the Democratic debate to make a splash, make it big So shameless was she but the end is fast approaching. 

She'll be done for. They'll stick a fork in this fat thighed pig How she wrapped herself around the TYRANT was sickening. This beast is the scourge of our America Look how she has conveniently morphed into Hillary Rodham Obama!! An indictment will soon be coming. Oh how we hope and pray this is so. The hatred for this b**ch is pretty near absolute How wonderful it would be seeing her being carted off to prison in an orange jump suit Bernie still has a firm lead in Iowa while Trump and Ted are neck and neck with time running out.

 The stakes are very high A look at the calendar shows us that in a year and a day we will be rid of the TYRANT. America will be saying to this DESPOT after eight tortuous years a final GOODBYE!! Our country has had enough of Executive Orders. We're tired of a dysfunctional government led by a MONSTER who is evil and narcissistic It's time to take our America back functioning as the Founding Fathers had planned as a Constitutional Republic!

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