Friday, January 8, 2016

POETICALLY SPEAKING CONSERVATIVELY : Obama To America: "I'm Far From Through!" or "Much More To Fear"


 Obama To America: "I'm Far From Through!" or "Much More To Fear"

 His 'wish list' is many as he enters the final year of his disgusting regime. So much damage remains in the agenda that awaits America Barack Hussein Obama is no acting lame duck. This I gotta tell ya Unlike the woefully pathetic GOP this President keeps his promises. The transformation of our country for him is going rather well For the rest of us it is far, far from good. 

We are going through living hell It is extraordinary what he has managed to accomplish in the two terms he has served It doesn't take a genius to figure out why the electorate is at its ANGRIEST. The fact is we have been so damned ill served With his Party in control of Congress for two year he has still managed to push his radical policies though, showing much prowess Of course it has been made much easier when the political opposition is feckless and is consumed with cowardice The scope of his Executive Orders has made Congress so irrelevant and there is so much wrong with that The extent of his arbitrary decrees is breathtakingly dangerous.

 We have a government by fiat As we enter a very politically volatile year Obama will not relent in any way. He will fight to preserve all the gains he has achieved. Woe unto our beloved America So determined is he to expanding the green economy, implementing the Iran deal and to continue the normalization of relations with Cuba But first and foremost is his desire to issue executive actions on gun control. Our Second Amendment continues to be under attack. Obama is determined to infringe on our precious right His assault on our Constitution is most outrageous. 

Is gun confiscation within sight?? In the remaining time he has left what progress can this radical of all Presidents can accomplish we surely would like to know The closing of Guantanamo Bay is very much high on his wish list. He would love nothing better than making it so In this crucial election year he will not take a back seat as he did in the 2014 campaign. His legacy must be preserved. 

It is imperative for him that a Democrat be elected A Republican in the White House?? Perish the thought that a Donald Trump could win! He must at all costs be totally rejected One thing is for certain and that is the damage he has caused will take a long time to be undone. That, fellow patriots, is a certainty The massive debt that will be passed to future generations is shameful and a damn pity Much will be written about this wretched soul in the years to come. Why was it that to his every desire did everyone succumb?? Why did we let him believe that he wore a royal crown?? 

More and more of our citizenry were contented to be uninformed. We became a country that was totally dumbed down For this we are paying the ultimate price never believing that one man could destroy us so with this radical agenda If we don't smarten up we will see the total destruction of our beloved America

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