Saturday, January 9, 2016



 "Musing On Politics" 

 The rise of Donald Trump is an insurgency against the powers that be It's a movement that is gaining strength. It really has very little to do with ideology Many believe the political class have ravaged our country while so many have suffered hardship They see our America is in such steep decline. 

They see in Donald Trump a man who can provide strong leadership The political base of the GOP feels disgusted in the way they are treated. So dissed they are by the elites in their party. Their anger is rising The DON understands the depth of their wrath. He responds in ways that his enemies see as pure demagoguing The GOP leadership is the object of scorn.

 Nothing is done by them to stop these overreaching Executive actions. They give in to Obama. So afraid to take him on The voter is so outraged by what they see. Trump taps into their anger. It's this brash, outspoken man that they gravitate to. They're quickly turning to the DON Politicians are utterly useless as the DON likes to remind us repeatedly.

 The action taken by the House on Obamacare illustrates this perfectly Last month they totally funded it in the horrific Omnibus Bill Now Paulie Ryan moves to repeal it knowing full well that the repeal Obama will kill Such is the machinations of these career politicians that we loathe and distrust It's this ongoing mess that is pervasive in DC that we want the DON to clean up. It is justified. IT IS A MUST!! 

 Again let me stress that what we are witnessing is an insurrection. It crosses Party lines. It draws from many groups. Trump's political enemies fail to see this phenomena for what it is. It is voter anger that up to now hasn't been seen in this degree All I can say is BEWARE to the Establishment, the Donor Class and the mainstream media for what is to come. 

The uprising will increase in its intensity Once the nomination is captured by Trump the election will turn into a slugfest. We will focus on Hillary. We will be so excited But will it be the 'pants suited' queen be the DON's opponent?? It may not be. Remember this dastardly pig could very well be indicted Might the evil TYRANT postpone the election?? 

Might he take her place and run for a third time?? I wouldn't put it past this DESPOT. He is capable of anything. This TYRANNIZER is pure slime It is shaping up to be quite an election year with many twists and turns. The chattering class prove they are not as smart as they think As the DON rises in the polls into the depths of despair these scoundrels sink Our Country has been ravaged by this insidious, evil radical Far Left agenda Fellow patriots, don't you think it's about time to take back our beloved America??

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