Monday, January 18, 2016


 "More Thoughts On The Campaign"

 In South Carolina the mud is slinging. It's coming from every direction The DON and Ted have stopped playing nice. Each has for the other growing disaffection You knew it was going to happen. As we are nearing the primaries both candidates are turning up the heat Ted is getting very sarcastic with his criticisms and as for the DON America looks forward to reading tweet after tweet The birther issue won't go away. A lawsuit is being filed. 

They are coming after Ted For disparaging New York values the local paper has a headline telling him to DROP DEAD!! Welcome to Primary 2016. There is such an eclectic group of candidates that you can choose from. Promises will be made but for sure hardly any will be kept One thing we have learned from politicians and that is of honesty and integrity they are totally bereft If you are a Democrat the choice is rather surreal to say the very least You are either throwing your support to an aging Socialist or a fat thighed scandal ridden lying beast Some choice, wouldn't you say?? 

The pickings are rather thin The GOP started with a lot more candidates. There were six times as many as the Dems. You just knew the trouble we'd be in It looks like we will winnow it down to a few. I figure it will come down to the Don and Cruz. Like I have said it's going to get rather mean The Establishment is truly dismayed and discouraged. 

They frankly find either one obscene They say that this election year is different. It's not about ideology but insurgency That may well be right. But one thing that will not change and is bound to get worse is all the advertising replete with such negativity!!

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