Sunday, January 24, 2016

Don't mess with the Donald

The Trumpster is clearly a master of turning the tables on you. Just ask Ted Cruz. The comment Cruz made about New York values was completely destroyed by Trump by his references to 911 even though it was clear to any conservative that Cruz was referring to the mayor's liberal bias and the fact that New Yorkers are for the most part a Democratic base. Even though Cruz's comments were twisted by Trump it just shows how masterful he is at the art of the debate.

As Trump continues to surge in the polls it appears that he is unstoppable.Cruz can not play the Donald's game as Jeb found out early on.Trump has hit a nerve with the American people for sure. Who isn't totally disgusted with the current administration as well as the current Democratic candidates?

Cruz needs to understand what Rubio understands. Play to your strengths and don't engage in battles which you will not win. Don't waste your time attacking but rather say what you are going to do.

Trump is not a billionaire by chance. If anything he is a master game player. Buying out the movie theater so people could see 13 Hours was a master stroke. So Dear Ted, Know your enemy and don't play his game otherwise you will lose.

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