Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Democratic Party’s skepticism : About Hillary

Dems Just Made HUGE Confession About Hillary And Trump That Could Be Major Game Changer
When Hillary Clinton stated in a campaign speech that Donald Trump’s call for a temporary ban on Muslims entering the United States was being used in pro-jihadi propaganda by ISIS, the declaration was immediately met with skepticism by the Trump camp.

Some doubt is now being shared within the Democratic Party, but it has nothing to do with whether or not ISIS was using Trump’s comments to recruit. Rather, it has everything to do with the Democratic Party’s skepticism as to whether or not Clinton can actually beat Trump if he becomes the Republican nominee.

According to the Washington Times, DNC activists are openly doubtful. Kelly Riddell of the Washington Post reports that the activists are “fearing she (Clinton) provides too much ammunition for the flamboyant businessman’s style of attack.”

Riddell quoted David Allen, a Democratic Party leader from New Hampshire. “We’re going to start to have to look at how the [DNC] candidates play against Donald Trump, because he’s certainly holding onto his lead in the Republican Party, and he has certainly played the Republican candidates in a way that has hurt some of his opposition…If Bernie [Sanders] is the candidate, Trump will play up how un-American socialism is, and if Hillary gets it, he will dig up everything in the past 40 years and use it — and won’t mince words in using it,” he said.

Adding to the skepticism as to whether or not Clinton can beat Trump is a lack of trust by members of Clinton’s own party. Riddell documented the distrust of Clinton by quoting a DNC party member from Iowa. “I just don’t trust her…She’s pivoted on too many issues important to me. I’m 38 [and] earn $45,000 a year. How can she understand what my life is like? She’s a millionaire. She’s a career politician,” said Jason Frerichs, a Democratic Party leader from Iowa.

“I think we would see a low voter turnout with Democrats. She just doesn’t fire up the base…Now, I could be wrong, and many women could come out just because she’s a woman, but most of the young women I see are caucusing for Bernie,” Frerichs said.

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