Saturday, December 19, 2015

POETICALLY SPEAKING CONSERVATIVELY : "Total Capitulation!! or "The Wonk Sellout"


 "Total Capitulation!! or "The Wonk Sellout"

 Christmas came early for Barack Obama in the form of a House Bill, aptly named OMNIBUS It was delivered to him by a slithering weasel, Paulie Ryan, who was sporting a new bearded puss Barack got every goodie he could ever want from this backstabbing piece of dreck from the state of Wisconsin Somehow Ryan and his GOP cronies conveniently forgot that they were supposed to be the loyal opposition In the land of the GOP base cries of BETRAYAL!! BETRAYAL!!

 could be heard far and wide The intense loathing they feel for these GOP turncoats they just cannot seem to hide It took a long time to get rid of Speaker Boehner. He was hated and villified by the principled Conservative base But look what we got in this wretched Paulie Ryan, the man who took Boehner's place Apparently Paulie thought he could sneak this through while everyone was obsessing over Donald Trump.

 Does Ryan really think we're that stupid?? What he has managed to do is make Obama gloat evermore while the rest of us remain livid This act of defiance by those we put in power will be the final straw. These Republicans we just cannot trust. They act in ways that are utterly Machiavellian The sounds that you are hearing are angry sounds. The sounds of a rebellion Obama's White House is in a joyous mood. You can hear the champagne bottles opening We, on the other hand, are stunned. With this Republican Party there just is no coping This is a two party system? 

With one party in power and the other the loyal opposition? Sadly methinks not. This is a Government of one with the detestable Dems in the most powerful position All eyes turn to Trump and Cruz. Each a strong outsider in their own way Can they somehow come to an agreement to join forces. We must combat the evil forces at bay This country is being turned into a hellhole. This OMNIBUS Bill will destroy our America. There is no turning back From within and certainly without our beloved America is under withering attack!


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