Saturday, December 19, 2015



"The King Always Gets His Way!"

 King Barack is pleased. The Congress grants his every wish. He gets whatever his cold, radical heart desires. Oh, how he is so overjoyed!! During his reign his Political party lost majorities in both the House and the Senate but his spirits still remained somewhat buoyed Although his political opposition increased its numbers he knew them to be pathetically weak and totally feckless That so definitely being the case he knew he would get success after success Even though it was possible for him to get impeached he was assured that the Senate had not the votes for a conviction 

The House had the power of the purse but the GOP would not dare to cause a government shutdown. It was out of the question So after the passage of Obabamcare there was a deluge of activity that was a radical's dream Executive Amnesty, the defunding of the military, Planned Parenthood. Each of these gained a head of steam This was not all. We can add climate change along with the horrific Iran deal King Barack had promised to politically transform our beloved America. No fantasy was this. 

It has become real The OMNIBUS Bill that was pushed through by the despicable treacherous rodent, Paulie Ryan, capped off quite a year for the King. The anger in the land has so grown But there is much dismay throughout the electorate. The seeds of discontent has surely been sown There is no doubt that Donald Trump has gotten a big Christmas Present. This spending Bill that most loathe can seal the deal for our DON The GOP leadership have proven their uselessness. Against the people they have perpetrated their greatest con From everywhere you hear words like 'betrayal' and 'treachery' and the term 'backstabbers' attributed to the Republican Party. 

This is so well deserved The consent of the governed has once again been ignored. We, the people, have been ill served

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