Wednesday, December 16, 2015



"More On The Debate"

 After last night's debate his haters will hate more and those who love him will love a lot more CNN made a bundle in advertising revenue. It was for them a real big score This was the last debate of 2015. Fairly soon the primaries will soon begin Most everyone expects Donald Trump to do well. 

The polls show that he has a good chance to win One thing is for certain and that there is extreme voter discontent The media is despised. On this there is little disagreement Trump has got the right enemies. On the backs of their hatred he is riding high The venom that they spew just makes the DON stronger and that, my friends, is no lie Trump says he won't run as an Independent but the actions of the Establishment will change his thinking Forget about the assurances of that troll, Rance Priebus. 

I still think the RNC will still be plotting Can you really believe what they say?? They have betrayed the base so many times. It is in their DNA The donor class always get what they want. They'll get these outsiders out. Somehow. Some way Pardon me for being cynical but there is history on my side. A history of big disappointment. Plenty of betrayal by this GOP They are utterly frightful of losing with these outsiders. 

They don't relish a loss to dastardly Hillary It will be for them the same dense logic as it was in 2012. Run a damn RINO. Well, you know how that turned out. What did we see?? Another Presidential loss. Another four years of Obama demagoguery Has the Establishment learned anything? 

Of the reason for the big loss in 2012 did they take note? When the will of the base is thwarted they will not go out and vote This is an election that surely should be won and won rather easily But how many times must I say this..when it comes to Presidential elections the Republicans always find a way to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory

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