Saturday, December 19, 2015



"Marco Rubio is AWOL....Again!!"

 The Senate is about to vote on the horrific OMNIBUS Bill. Has anybody seen Marco Rubio? Someone try and find him. They got to. They oughta Might he be near the vending machine trying to get a bottle of Poland Springs water?? No luck in trying to find him. On the ground no one can find a trail of perspiration Where the hell is the Senator?? 

There must be some kind of explanation He is running for President. It takes him away from Washington DC, away from very important Senatorial responsibilities That is no excuse to be a no show. It's only the donor class that he only wishes to please So again Rubio is missing.

 Senators Cruz and Rand Paul did show to cast an important vote Marco is such an absentee Senator. All of you GOP primary voters I want you to take note Regarding this OMNIBUS Bill he said he would do his best to try and stop But he can't do it if he doesn't show up. 

Once again he does his usual flip flop Only a Mitt Romney can truly appreciate what a cunning flip flopper he has turned out to be The last thing we all need is for Senator Rubio is to be the GOP nominee!

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