Tuesday, December 22, 2015



 "Let The Fireworks Begin!!!" 

Dastardly Hillary takes on the DON.

 She claims he is for ISIS their best recruiter She will do or say anything that will politically suit her The DON won't take this crap from anyone least of all from this scandalous wretched cretin We get a taste of what the 2016 general election could be like. Let the fireworks begin!!!! Hillary got more feisty in Saturday night's debate after she took the longest bathroom break in any debate so far this year Everyone thought it was a long urination. 

My guess it was a bad case of diarrhea She has begun to sharpen her attacks on the Republicans, particularly on the DON Will somebody please remind Hill that it won't work. Trump is made of pure Teflon Her claim that ISIS has featured Trump in its video is in fact so untrue. She lies so easily Her last falsehood about a video was a big one. She blamed it for what caused the deaths in Benghazi Word has it that she could very well get a surprising endorsement if the DON becomes the GOP nominee It might come from Jeb Bush. 

The sound that you are hearing is Trump laughing hysterically Politics can make for strange alliances. But a Bush endorsing a Clinton? Could Jeb be that stupid?? That would be a new low even for a RINO Donald Trump really has the political world going crazy. Could one man make it so? He seems to get stronger every day. Now with this OMNIBUS Bill angering just about everyone there is no what he can achieve I'm reminded of a great baseball slogan of yesteryear...just three words, YA GOTTA BELIEVE!!

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