Monday, December 28, 2015

POETICALLY SPEAKING CONSERVATIVELY : "'Hey, You Trump Haters, Get Over It!!!!' or "The DON Still Reigns!!!


 "'Hey, You Trump Haters, Get Over It!!!!' or "The DON Still Reigns!!!

 He has been called every name in the book. His enemies come up with all kinds of epithets. Some that I have never heard before What is it about this billionaire real estate mogul that they so deeply abhor? Since he announced his candidacy for President there has been a non stop verbal assault that we haven't heard in a long, long time Donald Trump should wear these insults as a badge of honor. It comes from those who we detest.

 They are such slime Is it unheard of to have a successful businessman run for the Presidency? Must we always have the same types running?? Those with a damn law degree I would be the first person to tell you that the DON is far from perfect. He is unfiltered and says what he means. He, as we do, deeply scorn this political correctness that has everyone by the throat But the chattering class and the GOP Establishment demean those who say that the DON will get their vote His every utterance that they hear drives them crazy. 

He taunts his enemies in ways that most politicians are so loathe to do This is what makes the DON so special. He really does grow on you From the deranged, mouth foaming Chris Matthews to the nerdy, insufferable, condescending George Will they all have one thing in common and that is to shame Trump into quitting Hey, you blithering fools who the hell do you think you're s*itting? Even the esteemed Charles Krauthammer has criticized Trump for his political change that he feels the DON did radically Tell me, Mr. K, weren't you a Carter Mondale supporter and now you have become a Conservative commentator on cable TV The hypocrisy and double standard of these talking heads give you a sense of what Trump is up against. 

But he can give back what he gets with the greatest enjoyment Nobody has to tell him that you have to have skin thick as hide when you run for President It's gotten to the point of absurdity how what he says is taken out of context. It is done deliberately and done with great malice but he fights back. He's unafraid The vileness that is accorded him reaches new lows. Recently, Tom Brokaw has joined the 'Trump is Hitler' brigade The DON has 'weathered the storm'. He did not become successful in the cutthroat business world by being weak But his supporters remain steadfastly behind him in his quest for the highest office in the land that they see him seek He is not afraid to take on the tough issues. If it wasn't for him there would be no talk about the illegal immigration that is tearing this country apart He is committed to building the fence that these politicians have failed to build.

 This is something that Trump will jump start The political Establishment will be more than ready to take the DON down but it will be to no avail Their quest to topple Donald Trump will come to nothing. He's made of Teflon. They will surely fail So as we move into 2016 the blitzkrieg by the Establishment will reach heights that we have never seen heretofore It's all because one man decided to throw his hat in the ring. A man who has the capacity to make his enemies real, real sore Running for President is a long and arduous process.

 Before the final vote a long time remains Try as they might to stop Trump they haven't. All I can say is THE DON STILL REIGNS!

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