Monday, December 21, 2015



"A View Of The Political Landscape"

 The Establishment, the media, the talking heads and the donor class keeps vilifying Trump. The Democrats try and hide their candidates from public view. They hold their debate on a Saturday night Paulie Ryan and the betrayers that comprise the GOP are hated more, if that's possible, by the disgruntled and fed up RIGHT The body politic is on the verge of a big rebellion. 

Some think that it started awhile back The career politicians will soon be heading for the hills. By the electorate they've come under vicious attack This is the state of our politics. It seeps further and further into the sewer You can't blame the voters for their anger. Those who run for political office who are principled is fewer and fewer This country of ours has been battered by those with an ideological bent that is so damn leftward. 

On top of everything else we have political correctness gone amok If Hillary Clinton becomes President she'll bring into the White House a history of scandals that can fill up a truck Do we really deserve all this?? I ventured to say I must answer that in the affirmative My friends, this is what you must certainly get when you don't elect a tried and true conservative The die has been cast. Let's face it we are all now up s***'s creek It is of this hideous OMNIBUS Bill pushed by Paulie Ryan of which I certainly speak Hey, what is it about his newly sported beard?? Is he trying to bond with Muslims I'd like to know It looks pretty awful now.

 Watch when he really lets that disgusting thing grow The Iowa caucus is weeks away. Finally some kind of voting will begin. We will get the pulse of a small electorate Something tells me the 2016 election is one we'll never forget

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