Thursday, December 17, 2015

POETICALLY SPEAKING CONSERVATIVELY Headline : "British Prime Minister: Donald Trump ‘Divisive, Stupid, and Wrong’"


 "British Prime Minister: Donald Trump ‘Divisive, Stupid, and Wrong’" 

 The insults just keeping the DON's way. This time it comes from the PM of Great Britain Into the face of Donald Trump his enemies just keep spitin' The venom is spewed worldwide. This is even better than the best reality show Everyone is unhinged by the DON. It's simply amazing how low they will go All Trump wants to do is make America great again and he refuses to take a cent from anyone. 

It's quite admirable All the other candidates are bought by the special interests. For money his opponents must always grovel I think it's unseemly for other country's leaders to stick their nose where it does not belong. They should stay out of our politics here in America Hey, Mr. Cameron, you blithering idiot, what you're saying about Trump is an apt description of Obama But the DON will shrug all of this off.

 After all he is solid number one in the polls. For him this campaign has been so sweet But we forget he is human after all. I'm sure he'll get back at Cameron with a tweet Hey, who said running for President was easy. It is tough to be in the political arena The DON is very aware of this. His enemies just get meaner and meaner! 

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