Sunday, December 6, 2015


I'm going to take God at His Word..... we are told of the times to come when good will be called "bad" and bad will be called "good." Muslims are killing Americans on our own soil.  The government we elected to protect and defend our security and safety are AIDING those who vow to kill us and take over. Democrats just attended mosque services to show solidarity with Muslims but target Christians or those who would criticize Muslims..... the ones killing Americans.

Our government that we elected to protect and defend our freedoms now tries to tell us what we can say or not say, what is good or what is offensive.  NO FREE SPEECH.  The Attorney General of the USA who is suppose to defend our rights and prosecute lawbreakers NOW TELLS US she will go after those who use Islamic hate speech. ARE YOU LISTENING AMERICA? Your president who is suppose to defend this nation, uphold his oath to all, secure our safety over all, and defend our freedoms is telling us NOW GUNS are bad and works to take them away.  ALL THAT IS GOOD AND RIGHT is being torn apart. False deceivers are now running our government.

Those few people who own most of the news organizations and newspapers NOW WORK HAND IN HAND WITH THE GOVERNMENT to influence citizens that giving up their lawful power and rights to these deceivers now is the best. We are being lied to on every front. Moral decay and race hate and division have been purposely fed to create an environoment ripe for CHANGE for American citizens to ditch God and hitch to their sick band wagon of tricks..... and call it "good."

Yes, God tells us this time will come and NOW it is in America. America declines into the depths of desolation, plowed by elected leaders of deceit and elected by fooled and ignorant voters who pridefully chose party or color of skin as their yardstick, or only the goodies they wanted placed in their hand for "free"..... and who pridefully and stubbornly closed their ears to "other voices" that their dear leader mocked and told them to reject.  Although the deceivers are now out "in plain sight," still the prideful base of the deceiver's party rush on in giving them more and more power, defending their works, and trashing those trying to save this country from their takeover and change.

We are NOW, in only over 7 years, been changed by the evil deceivers who were let in our government and who unleashed the surrounding army of demons in America to deceive, brainwash, and "work" toward the "fundamental transformation" they promised..... our destruction so they could rebuild their own ruling government over us.

Unless the people, all citizens, can come together against such an evil force, their rise will escalate as law and the Constitution will be buried..... and we as free citizens along with it.  And Christians will be denied their allegiance to anyone but the rulers. WE ARE THERE.  WE ARE WHERE GOD TOLD US WE WOULD BE IF WE DENIED HIM RULER OF OUR LIVES and placed men and women above Him... those who always change what God says is good and right and lead people into the pits of destruction, pain, despair and enslavement. The Life Giver and Promise Keeper and Unchanging Heavenly Father is being replaced by the Death Deceivers of Destruction and Chaos and being applauded and praised by their newly taken and changed Americans following their paths into hell.

YES, GOD TOLD YOU.  GOD WARNED YOU.  HE STILL REACHES OUT TO YOU NOW.  Let go of this world, this fallen world... these evil idols....take hold of the Way, the Truth, and the Life..... NOW, before it is too late.  We are near the edge of the cliff of destruction and being pushed closer and closer to its depths every day.  Save your country. Save your future as free people.  Save your soul as you place God on the throne of your heart and return to His blessings and provisions as you return your obedience to Him alone.  Unless you reject and rebuke these false leaders, the road they pave will lead to America's destruction and hurt us all as their chains wraps around our necks more and more each day.