Monday, December 28, 2015

Fire Paul Ryan Now... Dump The RINO...

 6 Compelling reasons to dump this RINO Now!

Given Speaker Ryan's obstinate refusal to listen to the People it is time to retire him as quickly as possible. Speaker Ryan has broken with the People and their trust. He is openly aiding and abetting the Fundamental Transformation of the US; providing the current Administration with everything it needs to complete the destruction of the US. He is no patriot and certainly not the People's Speaker. 

Below is a list of 6 fundamental betrayals Speaker Ryan committed when he pushed thru the current Omnibus Appropriations bill in the middle of the night ... without providing time to read or analyze the Budget:

1.) The Omnibus Bill permits a staggering 300,000 Muslims to enter the U.S. Every year. 

2.) Ryan refused to defund Obama's illegal executive actions or unconstitutional programs.

3.) The Bill provides $1.6 BILLION in payments to illegal aliens. 

4.) Paul Ryan removed the ban on funding of Planned Parenthood and provisions that prohibited the unconstitutional expansion of carbon emission rules, and the rollback of local zoning regulations.

5.) Ryan funded nearly every subsidy and slush fund of the prior years budget, while dropping over 150 restrictions on spending contained in the Original House budget resolution. Thus, leading to a 1.1 trillion dollar budget and a major expansion in our national debt.

6.) The Omnibus Bill decimates the American worker, expands low-wage guest worker visas; while, refusing to add enforcement provisions to remove those aliens with expired visas. His Globalist approach to our economic problems is anti-American and a direct assault on the middle and lower class in America.

Speaker Ryan wants to have his weekends free? Let's help him, by giving him every weekend and the days in- between off! It is time to FIRER Speaker Ryan and every member of Congress who supported his Omnibus Appropriations Act. 

Speaker Ryan is not worthy of his office, he has betrayed the confidence of the American people... choosing to side with illegal immigrants, Muslims, the sworn enemies of the United States. The idea that he supports the importation of 300K Muslims annually is beyond the pale, and when viewed with the fact, that much of, Islam has declared open War (Jihad) on the US borders on treason.

Speaker Ryan's seat must be challenged in the Republican Primary ... We must immediately find and support a strong Conservative Republican candidate for Ryan's seat in the House. We must ensure he is denied a place on the General election ballot, by defeating him in the Primaries and challenging his place in the House as Speaker.

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