Tuesday, November 24, 2015



 "Their Journey To The LEFT Knows No End" 

 These Democrats move to the Left with such speed and alacrity A poll taken find 56% feel positive about socialism as a governing philosophy Bernie takes delight at this news as he pushes further his redistribution of wealth economic plan Yes, Senator Sanders is looked upon favorably by the adoring Left. I find him a very disturbed man Today is the anniversary of the death of President John F. Kennedy If alive today there is not a chance in the world he'd be in this Democrat Party It has been taken over by the extreme ideologues. 

Each one totally scary but none more so than this Socialist from Vermont we know as Bernie But close on his heels we find the dastardly one trying to out-left Sanders as best as she can. Before our eyes this is happening' Hillary is a most cunning and crass politician, a most evil woman Socialism plays so well to their political base but it will not hardly do so in the general election But that is months away. 

For now it is imperative that they stay the course in a Leftward direction Three quarters of the Democrats believe taxes should be raised on the rich and to redistribute wealth to the poor Yes. It is war on the wealthy. Listen to Bernie. Soak the rich. Even the score This is the dream of the utopian. It is an agenda that is worthy of scorn and loathing. Listen to its promulgation by this man from Vermont How many inane things has this radical pushed?? 

It is so many that I have lost count Socialism gets its positive ratings from those under the age of thirty. These poll numbers truly stun And what about African Americans?? They support this philosophy by a ratio of two to one!!

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