Sunday, November 22, 2015


"The DNC Releases An Ad" 

 No one in the Republican Party blames all Muslims for the terrorism that we all see But these Democrats are quite a thickheaded and dangerous lot for they are so mired in PC They criticize the GOP for using the term RADICAL ISLAM but of course it is the right description that is being used.

 It is obvious to all but the Far Left Of any scintilla of sanity this Democrat Party is so totally bereft This ad that has been just released shows why we are unsafe under this disgusting Administration How in God's name can you defeat an enemy if you're unwilling to call it by name? 

This is such an outrage. An abomination! If you use the strategies of denial and political correctness how is it possible to lead and to win Our nation has had it up to here. We have a President who has ears made of tin But more to the point it seems he is satisfied to do as little as possible. 

Some say he is trying to run out the clock He is livid about the GOP's concern about pausing this Syrian immigration. If there is an attack on our homeland it won't come as a shock 'Inciting Fear Isn't Presidential!' is name of the ad. It is tone deaf to the concerns of the citizenry It would be nice to eradicate this political correctness and have the DNC realize we are in the midst of 
World War 3

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