Thursday, November 12, 2015



 "The Political Landscape"

 People are truly fed up. Populism is on the rise. You can sense it's intensity There is such scorn for the Political Media-Establishments. It permeates in this GOP Primary The DON and Ben Carson are succeeding in this election cycle. It should come as no surprise to anyone There is unrest in our body politic. 

It's happening in ways that continue to stun A large majority of Americans across the political spectrum feel rightly that they've lost control of their government. Corruption is what they see There is a need for resurgence in America. What is so very needed is unity!

 The pundit class is so worthy of disdain. They never miss an opportunity to make us feel so What we will see now is their concerted effort to ram down our throats that flip flopper, Marco Rubio Many in the media thought Trump would be a passing fancy but for months now he has been in the lead. The DON is tough and strong When will the press come to the realization that he's here to stay? They reek of condescension. 

They'll never admit they are wrong More than half of primary voters want someone who has never held office. With the status quo they are so thoroughly dismayed Promises made by those who continue to hold office are unfulfilled. Voters cannot help feeling betrayed We are kept being told by this chattering class that these outsiders will in time get up and go away. That we'll go back to a normal election Not this time. 

Things are heading in a totally different direction Dare I say it once again but our media is so deserving of our condemnation. They just don't cover the massive corruption that is going on Have not we heard it said time and again? Much of it is said by none other than the DON These politicians who we revile slithered in the back room to cut a detestable budget deal. 

It was an abomination and went against what we, the people, desired Yet once again we see those that we've re elected endlessly do what they do best. Against our wishes they have conspired To add insult to injury they hit us squarely in the gut with a most atrocious trade deal. It's over 5500 pages long. Jobs it will kill Another monstrosity is passed.

 How many of our Representatives do you actually read this bill?? The leadership in DC continues to do the business of the Chamber of Commerce You can include include the donor class as well It is an affront to every American citizen. It's business as usual. 

For us it's a living hell All of this is causing a populist uprising. The media's paradigm is changing before their eyes What we will eventual see at the end of this election cycle will be quote a big illuminating surprise

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