Sunday, November 29, 2015

POETICALLY SPEAKING CONSERVATIVELY : "Playing Politics With Another Tragic Occurrence"


 "Playing Politics With Another Tragic Occurrence" 

 They'll never let a tragedy go to waste for it gives the Far Left a chance to do things that they couldn't do before Yes, my fellow patriots, we are hearing the call for gun control. We are hearing it once more A shooter strikes in Colorado. It's happened yet again. Our country is dearly shaken Obama reacts angrily. Might the Far Left give up the call for any firearm control and go directly to confiscation?? The second amendment is in jeopardy.

 Obama has tried many times to strike it down. But it is a right that law abiding citizens truly cherish We are at the mercy of a despicable Tyrant. He heads a disgusting regime that has always wanted to see that right perish It will never see the light of day. He can rant and rave and scold Congress into shame. 

Nothing will come of this we will see For this tyrant must be made fully aware that gun rights go hand in hand with our liberty It is quite apparent that the Colorado tragedy reflect human evil rather than gun ownership if you will For the more legitimate concern should be how to keep guns away from the mentally ill We should not let Obama yet again use another tragedy as an excuse to disarm the responsible and law abiding citizenry For we all truly know that what really is at stake for each one of us is our freedom and liberty

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