Wednesday, November 18, 2015



"Pathetic As Usual" 

 There he stands at the podium. For most of this Press Conference he will be condescending and his irritability will be clearly shown He can't get it through his rather thick skull that the strength of ISIS hasn't been contained but that it has surely grown He will not change his strategy. He insisted that it was clearly working You ask yourself is he out of his mind?? 

What we see that it's another one of his many lies that he is actually stoking His many misstatements of the facts were many as well as the delusions that were clearly evident My loathing for him rises by the minute. I so clearly despise this President More and more he seems to be at one with our enemy. Does it not bother him that there may be blood on many an American city street? An attack on our homeland by ISIS would be the final blow. His twisted political transformation of our America would be thoroughly complete He scolds anyone who dares to tie terrorism to Islam. Listening to him is truly sickening He pushes for more Syrians to enter our Country.

 God knows how many jihadists this inane policy of his will bring? So peevish and petulant is this President. It is quite astonishing and truly breathtaking to see. So wedded to his radical ideology is he It reaffirms to most every one except the Far Leftists that we indeed have a dangerous monster in the Presidency He is totally obsessed with importing more Muslims than he is with defeating the Islamic State He excoriates the Republicans for their criticism. It is clearly the GOP more than the terrorists that he does hate So little passion he shows when speaking of the horrors of ISIS. 

He and Francois Hollande have such a different reaction to this heinous attack The French President calls it AN ACT OF WAR while Obama refers to it as only a setback! He never seems to hold the Muslims for jihad but he hasn't he excoriated the Christians for the Crusades?? In sheer arrogance this cretin is immersed in. There is no doubt he has it in spades The lecturing goes on and on. He tells us what is and what isn't American. How we should feel Our utter contempt we have for this man is everlasting. The hatred is so hard to conceal

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