Monday, November 16, 2015

POETICALLY SPEAKING CONSERVATIVELY : "Barbarians Approaching The Gate" or Obama: "Let 'em In!!!"


"Barbarians Approaching The Gate" or Obama: "Let 'em In!!!"

 I say once again it will take a 'Warrior' President to get us back on track Until we finally get one we are so vulnerable to an ISIS attack Obama is so immersed in this lunacy of Political Correctness, so afraid of offending the people of the Muslim faith. His inaction to confront the enemy is very telling ISIS senses weakness from the West. America is no longer showing any leadership.

 In inaction we are excelling France has expressed concern that America lacks the will to do what we all know is very necessary But think of how each of us feels. It looks more and more that our President is the real enemy The safety of our country is in his hands. The thought of this should terrify everyone He's managed to decimate the military. That being said how in God's name can we get ISIS on the run? Air strikes can only do so much. 

We must have boots on the ground I feel for our soldiers with all my heart. They are being led by a man who appears more and more to be mentally unsound In the midst of all this we must choose our next President. A warrior he or she has to be is a must Three Democrats are vying for their nomination. Each one scares the hell out of me. 

They leave me with a total feeling of disgust And what about the GOP? Dr. Carson is a humble and soft spoken man. But toughness he seems to lack and that is what need so badly It really comes down to two men, Trump or Cruz. Marco Rubio would be a tragedy Immigration is the issue of the day. It must be tackled and tackled head on Only two have the fortitude and toughness that is needed. It has got to be either Cruz or the DON These savages blatantly threaten us. 

They are as evil and monstrous as billed Fellow patriots, it comes down to one thing and one thing only .. KILL OR BE KILLED The world has gone insane. Islamic terrorist are determined as they can be to shed our blood and cause us such endless grief Such ill timing for our country to not have a WARRIOR PRESIDENT. It is our misfortune to have this pathetic excuse for a Commander in Chief!!

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