Wednesday, November 18, 2015

POETICALLY SPEAKING CONSERVATIVELY : "A Very Stubborn Man or #BigEarsMadeOfTin Hashtag


 "A Very Stubborn Man or #BigEarsMadeOfTin Hashtag

 He steadfastly believes screeching emotional blackmail in the form of suicidal PC is what he must do Obama does have a strategy. It is a strategy to have us all killed. That is in most people's view Reality always seemingly intrudes on his disgusting divisive talking points. That has been clearly shown It's not a concern for him that to Kingdom Come we will most assuredly be blown See him use 'widows and orphans' to taunt the GOP over their opposition to Syrians flooding into our America With Barack Hussein Obama it is always the agenda.

 This despicable radical agenda His press conference in Turkey showed the world once again how stubbornly petulant and petty he can really be Historians will wonder how not once but twice we voted into office a monster like this. One who clearly despises his country He pays lip service to the atrocities of ISIS. It is not they but the Republican that he sees as the real enemy. He is so passionate when he speaks so disparagingly of his political opposition. 

They get under his skin. So obvious to see The only war he relishes is not against ISIS. It is only the GOP He so pretended to use 'patience' as ISIS extended into Syria it's caliphate state We remember how he swore how he would destroy and degrade them. How long must we wait?? He is at his point in the presidency where he is concerned about what his legacy will be It will be the end of America's Exceptionalism and its descent in total mediocrity History will show that he LOST a won war in Iraq and let ISIS fill the vacuum. 

This will cement his legacy for damn sure We, Americans, have seen our Institutions so decimated. So many scandals, abuses we have had to endure But the growth and strength of ISIS will prove to be the legacy of this radical that was thrust on us. How he has turned out be such a tragedy The assault on our Constitution, the propaganda and this endless PC We can debate endlessly if what has turned out be is due to his ineptness or if he came into the Presidency with a master plan But one thing we can certainly agree on and that is that Barack Hussein Obama is a very dangerous man!

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