Saturday, November 14, 2015

POETICALLY SPEAKING CONSERVATIVELY : "A Friday The Thirteenth We Will Remember!" "ISIS has been contained!"


"A Friday The Thirteenth We Will Remember!" "ISIS has been contained!" 

Those were the words we heard Obama say in a morning interview on ABC Then a few hours later in France there was a most horrific tragedy Six separate attacks caused unbelievable carnage. It deeply touches everyone's soul Who claimed responsibility for this?? 

It was ISIS who our President had said we had under control He still will not admit it was the actions of Islamic terror. Again he deliberately avoids using the term. He will not relent If this ever happened on our soil he would no doubt consider it a matter of law enforcement ISIS celebrates their victory on this Friday the Thirteenth. They tweet, 'American blood is the sweetest and they will soon taste it!' We are in need of a Militant President. 

To fight these barbarians it is very apparent that Barack Obama is woefully unfit!! He desperately hopes nothing tragic befalls our country before his term is through We will have to wait for the next President to deal with ISIS in a way Obama refuses to do America needs a strategy to confront the savages who are determined to kill us all Nothing short of a Warrior President is what we are in need of or we will see civilization crumble and fall!

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