Thursday, November 26, 2015

Giving Thanks

Today is a day of celebration and reflection. We give thanks for our good fortune in these times of uncertainty and turmoil.  Thanks for this site and the people that participate, a conformation of our beliefs and our hope and desires for the future. Hope for our nation and thankful to those actively fighting to maintain our freedoms and sovereignty.
One of our brothers in arms has had fate interrupt his efforts to revitalize patriotism as the ideology which maintains our freedoms and stop his efforts to protect the integrity of our voting system.

As we give thanks for our health and well-being please consider supporting the efforts his daughter is making on his behalf.  Help a patriot activist working to protect your vote in 2016 win his battle with cancer.    Please visit the page Heather has created for her father    Yes I will
Thank you,

Joseph DeNello

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