Monday, November 9, 2015


American Constitutional Stand Against Corruption


It was given to us so we had the ability, with no limitation on what arms we want or need, to Defend and fight, for all Our Freedoms and Rights and Securities in those Freedom Contracts, Our Forefathers gave us.

Why do you think Obama the Muslim is trying so hard to works with the rest of the Anti American, Anti Constitutional, Anti Freedom Entities, such as the UN / WTO / OPEC / Global Bankers/ ANTI GUN SPECIAL INTEREST, all of which are supported by Loyd's of London, to take the Second Amendment away from us. So Loyd's Of London can take ownership of Our Country. Their the one who finance The Global Bankers who Finances country's. And need to disarm us.

So Obama's Brethren wont be wiped off the face of the Earth, by WE THE PEOPLE. Because we are Willing to step up to that problem, if Obama continues to act in a destructive way, as he has been doing. And seems that this Government in it's entirety are standing behind Obama.

 Making them all corrupt and are to be added to the List of Treasonous personal, for their actions which are allowing this to continue. TREASON FOR THEM ALL. And Let God Sort Them Out. Stand them in front of a Judge of Our Choice and Charge then and Sentence them all for Treason and walk them Directly out to the Gallows.

IT IS OUR DUTY TO STAND UP AND DEFEND THIS COUNTRY, By Any Means It take to right the Wrong this Government has brought on to us. NOT Our Duty to Defend, THIS GOVERNMENT FROM Any or ALL ENEMIES FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC, they have brought on to themselves all on their own. They broke it, it's their problem. Not Ours.

Are there steps now being taken to remove obama from office?

Well there are some So called Representatives that say their pursuing charges of Treason or Impeachment . I have not seen any proof of this. just talk. I have gathered Bills and Laws that actions that are proven to be Unconstitutional and Destructive towards the Constitution and they have put the American People in Harms way. This is Treasonous activities. They have signed those Treasonous Bills and Laws and Acts which if proof they have committed Treason. I know the Porvot Marshall the Door Keeper and a Marshall and I heard even a Police or two or more person can arrest any one including the President for Treason.

Here is the Tricky part. Getting Close enough to him to do that. so It is more likely going to take a person with Some Very strong Clout to get the actual act of Arresting him for Treason Done

The Proof is clear he has Committed not only treason but has committed terrorist acts also.


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