Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Fear The Walking Dead


Take a look around you. You see your friends, families and loved ones, all laughing and smiling enjoying a evening together with a few drinks or snacks. In the background a tv broadcasts the worlds latest news about some middle eastern country city attacked by some type of rebels or terrorists and you barely catch a frame of video and return back to your evening without a second look......   Then it happens!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The electric is out. you look outside and then you hear in the distance a loud explosion. Followed by another explosion.....Now you hear gun fire seemingly all around you from all directions. Siren fill the night as police cruiser after cruiser followed by fire trucks and ambulances and more police officers...................  Neighbors gather outside in the streets to listen to the chaos when a woman runs screaming from her home on a cell phone...

                                  "We have been attacked".....she says

 Then it sinks in.....An attack on American soil! The first since 9/11! In my neighborhood!  Your frustrated, afraid, you didn't make it to the store before the party to get groceries, what will you do for food, water supplies. What if they come for you? How will you protect yourself? Your family? This is a situation you nor I ever want to be a part of. The lives of thousands who were  lost and scarred after 9/11 attacks and then the lives lost for those who fought to find survivors and died in battle in search of the men who were ultimately responsible for hitting America and giving her a big black eye......  the streets of Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria all infiltrated by terrorists fighting in the streets, the malls, the hospitals, the day care centers, the cafe's all destroyed and marred by violence and death.
                                   This is a danger we all face yet again.

 You see President Obama, ran using a plan that Americans were tired of war and he was their solution. He was right. We are tired of war, but after 9/11 we became engaged in a different war that would not end any time soon.  A war without borders and multiple enemies. Obama gets elected and against all military strategist, warnings from the Pentagon and Former  President George W Bush, President Obama and Hillary Clinton withdrew forces from Iraq. The "J.V. Team" aka terrorists who were on the run and were in hiding, now suddenly came out and took over Syria then moved into Iraq.  Using Islam as their weapon of words, they openly defied our military who was put on a leash by the Obama administration and were allowed to grow. They have slaughtered innocent men, women, children, Jews, Christians, Homosexuals, and straight. Just like any adolescent, without fear or punishment and repercussions, they grew out of control and now we are faced with the problem that could at any moment be inside our streets.  The reason Obama doesn't want to lead a fight against ISIS, is because they don't want to face the truth..... we are not just at war with Isis..... we are involved in a Religious War.

They know that they cannot go street to street , house to house and fight an enemy that has no  uniform, no battle flag, no colors of war and separate the innocent from the enemy.  The only way to eliminate this generation of terror is a full on ground war that not only uses bullets to fight, but also religion.  People say not all Islamists are terrorists, but how can you tell the ones who aren't from the one who will blow your head off as you turn around and walk out the door. It is a dangerous line to walk. The administration has chosen the job of sniper, who sits afar, and awaits the enemy to take a shot off to keep them just far enough away with a cruise missile from a predator drone.

 You see we are all the Walking Dead if we continue to allow our administration to do nothing to eliminate this threat. We cannot allow these enemies to sneak in our borders let alone fly them in as disguised refugees and settle them into our communities.  Has the history of the City of Troy, not been taught to these idiots? Have they not heard the children's story of little Red Riding Hood or the 3 little pigs? Has the violence that spread through Europe the last few years not taught them a lesson. Have they not learned anything from the recent Terror attacks in Belgium, Africa, or Paris?  The human experience is to learn from our mistakes and others to make sure it doesn't happen again. We elect our officials to protect our freedoms, our way of life, and do every bit of due diligence to prevent the loss of a single American life from any foreign enemy. The Obama administration and the treasonous Hillary Clinton, plan to continue to destroy America and our way of lives by allowing men and women to die in Benghazi with no one coming to help and now importing potential terrorists as refugees with no way to ensure they are not enemies of the state.

    Even children  understand that when a wolf appears in sheep's clothing, you run the other way to get someone with a gun to kill it and save all of the sheep you can. Maybe we can recommend some children's books for the Obama administration to read instead of the Common Core crap they are shoving down our kids throats. Regardless we need to band together and demand we secure our borders, stop all immigration currently until we have a more advanced process and screenings to prevent anyone from being a terrorist. Instead of taking billions of taxpayer money for Syrian refugees, lets use those billions to help our Veterans, or create jobs or homes for homeless citizens.  Lets start putting America and her citizens first again while we still have an America to remember before it's gone and we become the sheep led to the slaughter by a Terrorist in the White House known as President Obama. 


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